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Hispanic Ministries Program


The Hispanic Ministries Program provides introductory theological education for ministry and leadership in Hispanic churches and communities. Through its Hispanic Ministries Certificate Program, taught in English in conjunction with the BMP, classes are intended to help clergy and lay leaders strengthen the faith and witness of churches in Hispanic and Latino communities throughout New England. The program is also open to individuals who wish to obtain educational opportunities for personal and community enrichment.

The program welcomes students of all religious and denominational backgrounds and normally requires participation in a local Hispanic congregation or a context in which Hispanic ministry is important. A baccalaureate degree is not required for admission to the program.

The Hispanic Ministries Certificate Program is structured for completion in two academic years of study. Each academic year, several six to eight week courses in ministry, theology and Bible are offered. Students are expected to finish eight courses over a two-year period as follows: two in Biblical Studies, two in Theological and Historical Studies, two in Ministerial Studies and two in any area of the student’s choosing. Upon successful completion of eight courses, students receive a Certificate in Hispanic Ministries from Hartford Seminary. An added benefit of this program is the diological learning opportunities with religious leaders from the African-American community.

An advisor is appointed by the Academic Dean to work with Latino/a students enrolled in the HMP. Please see the BMP courses description for classes available to HMP students.

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